30 by 30

Having achieved our 2020 target for reducing carbon dioxide emissions early a new strategy, 30 by 30, was launched last year with the aim of improving the Group’s energy efficiency by 30% by 2030. The strategy also aims to reduce construction waste, water consumption and use of plastics. In 2018 we launched the first three initiatives and expect to see financial savings come through in the next twelve to eighteen months.

Leading the industry

As an industry leader, Kier takes its environmental responsibilities very seriously with 96% of our operations being certified to the ISO14001 environmental management system. We are successfully reducing our own overall environmental footprint but more than that, we are actively encouraging the whole industry to think carefully about the environment when designing, constructing and maintaining the buildings that will make up our world for generations to come.

Technology helps

Using innovation and new technology, we are pushing new boundaries when it comes to incorporating environmental features into developments. As well as focusing on the construction phase, we are often able to influence, through clever design and smart technology, the way buildings will be run and maintained during its entire lifecycle.

Energy advice

Our people who are running and maintaining a range of diverse estates for both public and private sector clients, specialise in advising on how to save energy and reduce running costs at the same time. This can sometimes mean replacing ageing equipment with smarter technology or using innovation to reduce the amount of energy consumed.

Environmental protection

From bridges for bats and re-homing of fish, to new access routes for hedgehogs, we are constantly working to protect and promote the wildlife around us.

A spotlight on

To reduce our impact on the environment we are targeting a wide range of initiatives:

As part of Kier's drive to reduce impact on the environment we are targeting a wide range of initiatives:

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Every project we deliver is an opportunity for us to demonstrate our commitment to being a responsible business.