Working responsibly

Kier believes corporate responsibility starts with running a safe, efficient and profitable business, so that we are in a strong position to share wider benefits with the communities where we operate. This means working in a responsible way, respecting our people and supply chain, making safety a priority and protecting the environment. It also means working hard to be a good neighbour and helping our customers and their communities by supporting local supply chains, community initiatives and good causes.

96 (2017: 130) AIR
90% (2017:91%) Customer experience
93% (2017: 91%) BITC
30 by 30 Successful roll out of energy efficiency strategy
£157m Of social impact recorded

Sustainable business strategy

In our Strategy for a Sustainable Business; Responsible Business, Positive Outcomes, we measure our progress against 20 non-financial performance areas each year which sit under these four headings:

Governance: making sure we live up to the high standards we have set ourselves

People and Communities: preventing harm to our employees, contractors, local communities and being a good neighbour, by leading on the delivery of social value. In 2018 this will be over £150m of social value

Environment: considering the potential effect of our work on the environment - carbon emissions, waste, water use, biodiversity and environmental incidents - and influencing design, build and maintenance to take these factors into account

Marketplace: delivering on promises to our customers and to their communities and meeting high standards when it comes to treating our employees and supply chains fairly.

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