As part of the ‘Hearty Lives Islington’ project, the repairs and maintenance provider has hosted drop-in sessions enabling Kier employees to learn how to keep their hearts healthy through increased knowledge of nutritional food labelling, unit and calorie content of alcohol and how to reach ‘five a day’. Interactive sessions allowed employees to ask questions, consider their lifestyle and see visual examples of how poor food choices and alcohol can damage the heart.

Working in partnership with the British Heart Foundation, Islington Council is delivering its ‘Hearty Lives Islington’ project to a number of businesses in Islington, including Kier, to improve the health of employees. The project aims to impact on health inequalities in the borough by tackling issues relating to heart health. The project has three main target audiences consisting of Islington restaurants and medium-sized businesses as well as getting out into the community to deliver its message.

Kier human resources advisor, Helen Fitzgerald, said: “Heart disease is a serious issue, and one which Kier feels is vital to work with employees on to build awareness, in turn improving their health and quality of life. We feel that it’s key for our employees to be provided with the knowledge to allow them to live healthier lives, and to pass on that knowledge to friends and family, helping to introduce a healthier way of life across Islington.”

*Statistics sourced from The Islington Fairness Commission Report on the Islington Council website