Senior site manager Jamie Coram met 70 children, with Kieran on hand to help sign them in with special day passes and issue them all with PPE (personal protective equipment).

Jamie talked to the children about the dangers of playing on a building site. They saw lots of heavy equipment and had to think about all the possible hazards there might be and how important it is never to enter one on their own.

“We were delighted to be able to show the children what we are doing here at Bridge Meadow,” said Jamie, “Kieran’s appearance always makes an impression and the event is a fun and informative way to make the health & safety message really memorable.”

Jamie also challenged the children to design a set of posters for the recycling facilities that are part of development. The three winning posters – for the water butt, the compost bin and the general recycling bin – will be turned into stickers and become permanent fixtures on the finished homes.

Jon Pratt, executive deputy head teacher for both schools, said: “We are very grateful to Kier for allowing the children to visit the site, learn about the hazards of going onto building sites, and about sustainable development. With the summer holidays about to start, and building going on in both villages, it is important that the children recognise both the benefits and hazards of new developments.

"Engaging young children through fun activities, such as meeting Kieran, makes it a much more memorable experience for them.”